The first after life event planner that will take you to the life ceremony.

Life Ceremony. The Tree Life is the only company that organizes the tree ceremony Called "Celebrate Life".

We organize the burying ceremony of your loved one in a very sophisticated, tasteful, sentimental and beautiful unforgettable way.

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The Tree Life is the first event company that will as a tribute, a beautiful tree will be planted and registered in the forest of your choice, or your own backyard, or if you prefer in a very charming mobile vase that can be transported and moved at any time. This memorial event which has the intent to celebrate the life after life, will be completely performed by our professional team. Less grief, less depressed people, less feelings of loss.


The Tree Life takes care of all the details for this remarkable event with thoughts of comfort and peace during your time of sorrow, sadness and grief. We give you the peace of mind while you let us to help give back to Earth being eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable, clean, loving and deciding to do the right thing for our environment. The trees will be a living monument to your loved one that you will be able to physically and virtually visit at any time.

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